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Hello I would like to offer my services - https://Grzyb.ovh/

Patcher 0 Virus (Without Source - Full Automat and free Hosting)

Price: 25€ (EUR)

This patcher offers the capability to code any window. It's compatible with Cloudflare and any proxy with an upload limit. The files are formatted efficiently, ensuring that the upload limit is never exceeded, even for files up to 3GB. Free hosting is provided for your patcher. Note: This does not include the source code - individual encodings for each client's .exe file are offered.



Limiter DMG

Price: 200€ (EUR)

Professional dmg limiter, no empty hits, everything adjusted automatically, tested on many servers.

Lalaker, hlbot and everything cheats blocked.

Banword Rework

Price: 25€ (EUR)

Easy to block words, very hard to bypass

Full rewrite hyperlink and chat color.

Price: 400€ (EUR)

100% blocked and rewritten item hyperlinks, player cannot edit bonuses via program cheat engine, player cannot send color messages, everything has been moved from Client source to Server Source, the code is unique.

Removing items that cannot be unequip.

Price: 30€ (EUR)

Removing items that cannot be unequip.


Multi Language System Full Tested.

Price: 499€ (EUR)

Fully operational multilingual system, unbugged, tested, translates everything from a to z. All npc messages, All quests, locale_string, locale_game, locale_interface, skilldesc, Everything, full game.

I offer 24/7 support

Remove everything skills.

Price: 40€ (EUR)

Code written from complete zero, everything easily explained, what, where and how. Full tested, 0 bugs.

Time Scheduled Map Lock/Unlock Function.

Price: 80€ (EUR)

Time Scheduled Map Lock/Unlock Function.

Yang System 80007.

Price: 25€ (EUR)

Code written in c++ using 26 lines of code, automatically calculates the amount of yang, the amount is given accurately using dots on the chat, devoid of any bugs and limitations simple code.

Horse Overlay System.

Price: 150€ (EUR)

Its functionality is up to you. We can create a new inventory slot or introduce a new effect. When making a purchase, you decide where and how you want this item to be utilized. This system allows you to change the appearance of your horse.

Client Optimize.

Price: 250€ (EUR)

70% less code than optimization vegas or dali

All frame drops have been fixed

Loading speed depends on your computer disk


 Added 2 new systems

Quick images for presentation Server Metin2 - 89 euro

Block Virtual Machine - 50 euro


I can coding GUI client intrologin, introloading, introselect, introcreate, introempire.


Someone scam you off and sold you a broken system?
I can fix it for a small fee.


Also i can repair any broken system for money.

Contact Discord: muchomor1337

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I am not exists

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