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Your Metin2 zone for C++, Python, Lua.

❤️ Metin2 Battle Royale Event by Ondry NEW 2023


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    • Execute the sql query (log.battle_royale)
    • Add to player.player table - column "battle_royale_char" BYTE
      with default value 10 (warrior male - skill group 1)
    • Add config file to server files (locale/xx/battle_royale.txt)
    • Add the battle royale event map to CH99
    • Add new quest (battle_royale_winner.lua)
        and edit the items/text for winner
    • Add to locale_string.txt:
        "Function not available in battle royale map."
        "Battle Royale Event is currently disabled."
        "You are late. Battle Royale event is already running."
        "You are already in battle royale map."
        "Only 1 IP per character can join the battle royale event."
        "Battle royale: this position is not valid"
        "You cant teleport to the waiting lobby."
        "You are kicked from event, because u havent selected position in time."
        "Your position was randomly selected."
        "New SafeZone has been revealed. Check the map!"
        "You are out of zone! You received %d dmg."
        "You lost in battle royale. Your position: %d"
        "Cannot continue with the event. Not enough players."
        "Battle royale has no winner. Event ends in draw."
        "Player %s has won the battle royale event!"
    • In uiBattleRoyale.py:
        change BATTLE_ROYALE_MAP_NAME (in case you have different map))

1) Requirements for the map
    • "Waiting lobby" needs to have NO-PVP zone (BANPK attribute)
    • Every "nonmovable" position needs to have BLOCK attribute
    • battle_royale.cpp : dwCenterPositions
        -add center position for zones here
        (to make sure, center of zone will be accessible for players)



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