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I would like to try to start some kind of community project with this thread. Since I don't know of a decent admin panel, I decided to write one. Admin panels can be very extensive depending on what features and functions should be available. That's why I structured the base of my admin panel so that it can be easily equipped with additional modules. In fact, the interface integration is reduced to a minimum. The forwarding of CMD commands and packets from the server to the module is also very easy to implement. Because everything is modular, each module has its own Python file, which means you always have an overview. The window sizes can be set variably. Another advantage if you need more or less space in the window.

I would therefore be very happy if this project was accepted by other developers to create and possibly share further modules so that this admin panel is the non-plus-ultra TOOL for every server admin.

Features at a glance:
- Adding additional modules is child's play
- Modules visible depending on GM level
- Forward CMDs and packets from the server to the modules very easily
- Individual modules provide a good overview of the code
- Window sizes of the modules can be adjusted variably. Always stay on the side of the module list!
- 2 modules in the basic equipment!

My release includes 2 modules. The home page module and the item creation module. It also contains templates for other modules. The basic requirements are therefore perfectly met. The panel is opened via a button that is only displayed if you have a GM level (gm_button.png).

I'm excited to see whether this project will be accepted as a community project and I'm looking forward to seeing one or two modules from you too! I also plan to write a how-to soon on how I create my GUIs, my processes, etc. Actually, creating GUIs for Metin2 is really very easy if you can think a little logically! 😄 I would also be happy to receive module suggestions! I'm curious!!!


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