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Extreme Injector v3.7.3


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Colorful and fully customizable GUI

Process list

Multi-DLL injection (with the option to enable/disable different DLLs for injection)


Stealth Inject

Close on injection

DLL Scrambling (encrypts DLL files upon injection to make hacks harder to detect and makes detectable hacks potentially work again)

'Un-inject' DLLs (i.e., if you have injected DLLs, this will un-inject them)

Various injection methods (Standard, LdrLoadDll Stub, LdrpLoadDll Stub, Thread Hijacking, and Manual Map)

Support for 'Drag and Drop' method

Support for 64-bit injection

Automatic installation of Visual C++ dependencies

Execute exported functions after injection

How to use:

Download and extract the attachment

Run Extreme Injector v3.exe

(Optionally) Go to the Settings tab and then click Start in Secure Mode to prevent the injector from being detected by Anti-Cheat

Type the process name (including the extension, which in most cases will be .exe). If you want to target a specific process or choose by window name, use the Select button

(Note) If you are injecting into Combat Arms, make sure you have entered Engine.exe

Add your DLL files by clicking the Add DLL button. You can also drag and drop them

You can also enable/disable DLLs for injection, so you can keep your favorite DLLs in the program without having to find them again

Go to Settings and customize it to your own preferences. Everything should be straightforward (don't mess with anything in Advanced settings if you don't know what you're doing)

(Note) If you are injecting into Combat Arms, make sure Auto-Inject is checked and start the game

Click Inject and you're done! (unless you've checked the auto-inject option, then you have to wait until the process starts and then it will automatically inject)

Injection methods:

Standard: The most basic method used in every injector, utilizes CreateRemoteThread and LoadLibrary

LdrLoadDLL Stub: Similar to the standard method but goes one level lower in LoadLibrary

LdrpLoadDll Stub: Injection at an even lower level, may cause system crashes on systems higher than Windows 8.1 if their kernel is altered

Thread Hijacking: One of the more stable injection methods, it hijacks currently executing code to inject your DLL library, rarely used by other injectors

Manual Map: One of the safest techniques, so safe that even Windows won't know about the injected DLL, may not work correctly on Windows systems higher than 8.1, you will be informed if this is going to happen

Encryption methods:

None: No interaction with the DLL file

Basic: Basic encryption, should work with most DLL files

Standard: Applies a bit more encryption options, should still work with most DLL files

Extreme: Applies all possible encryption methods, may damage some DLL files

Post-injection options:

Erase PE: Removes the PE headers at the beginning of the DLL file, making it much harder to detect by Anti-Cheat at the indicated location

Hide Module: Hides the DLL from the process's module list



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